Charter Placement


A Participating Boat Owner is an owner who is seeking to lower the costs associated with boat ownership. By entering your new Beneteau into an agency agreement with Harbor Sailboats, you can substantially reduce these costs while the yacht is managed and maintained to the highest standards and you retain usage.

The yacht owner earns high income while he is not using the vessel by chartering to qualified members of the Harbor Sailboats Sailing Club. We do all the maintenance, we clean, we fuel, we pump the holding tanks while you enjoying sailing your new boat. Harbor Sailboats is never a titled owner of the vessel, we don’t charge placement fees and we can make you money!

Revenue Sharing Program (Agency Agreement

Under our revenue sharing program the boat owner is responsible for the payment of all operating cost like slip rent, insurance, maintenance (one statement) and loan payments. However, the boat owner receives 50% of the gross revenue on their boat. This 50% is normally enough to cover slip rent, insurance and maintenance for the vessel. In some cases owners will also receive an additional payment, even after their operating cost have been paid!

On an annual basis the revenue sharing program has proven to reduce cost by as little as 50%  compared to conventional ownership.

Compare Pricing

Below is a table comparing the cost of owning a 41 foot Beneteau in our club vs private ownership.

Expense Private Ownership Charter Placement
Purchase Price $350,000 $350,000
Monthly Slip Rent $850 $850
Monthly Insurance $215 $360
Monthly Maintenance $205 $290
Monthly Loan Payment $1,915 $1,915
Totals $3,185 $3,415
Monthly Average Revenue $0 $2,085
Adjusted Cost of Ownership $3,185 $1,330

Tax Advantages

For some, the biggest advantage of placing a new Beneteau into the Harbor Sailboats fleet is the tax shelter and breaks. Some tax codes allow for accelerated depreciation of capital goods, your Beneteau is the capital in your current or newly formed charter business. Additionally, owners may be able to use slip payments, insurance payments, maintenance fees, mortgage interest and travel expenses as added deductions.

We highly recommend you consult a tax professional for specifics on how these tax breaks may apply to you. We’re happy to recommend a qualified CPA that’s been helping Harbor Sailboats fleet owners for over 20 years.

We invite anyone interested in charter placement to visit our fleet and see first hand why we have the best reputation of any sailing club in Southern California.

Club Membership and ASA Certifications Free

All fleet owners receive complimentary Harbor Sailboats membership with access to all the benefits of the sailing club. Additionally we provide several hours of private instruction and American Sailing Association certification for no extra charge.

Current Eligible Charter Placements

  • 2017 Beneteau Oceanis 31- We pay all expenses for 3 years!
  • 2017 Beneteau Oceanis 35.1
  • 2017 Beneteau Oceanis 55

Call Keenan Hirsh at Academy Yacht Sales/Harbor Sailboats at 619-417-3303 to learn how Charter Partnership with Harbor Sailboats may be the right choice for you or send an e-mail to to schedule an appointment or request more information.